Our story, our vision

Our goal is to enlarge the impact of sports: Creating a bigger positive impact rather than only fostering one‘s own health. We want to motivate people to get physically active through a social incentive provided by their employers. That’s why we founded AIDLETICS: An app that rewards sports with a donation for a social project.

Since the foundation of our start-up in summer 2016, we continuously work on an optimization of the user experience. At the moment, we are looking for partner companies that want to go this exciting path together with us and introduce AIDLETICS to their organization.

We are convinced that, with AIDLETICS, we can persuade companies to combine Charity, Marketing and Corporate Health Management and therefore invest their money more social and efficient.

The AIDLETICS founding team

Michael Wondrich
Robert Kaiser
Strategy and Finance
Sinan Piskin
Timo Wondrich