Physical activities are a blessing for yourself
… let others profit as well

AIDLETICS is a platform/App that allows you to donate
for a good purpose by physical activitiy

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Corporate health management in conjunction with social commitment

1. Step: Welcome to the AIDLETICS Challenge

AIDLETICS is an app, that allows companies to reward physical activities of their employees with a donation. The employee selects the organization receiving the money. When an employer decides to provide a donation budget for its employees he specifies conditions. These include donation budget, period of time, and the available donation projects. Furthermore, incentives/rewards for exceptional performances, e.g. the most active employee, can be defined.

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2. Step: Lets get started!

Now sports counts twice: Employees do something good for themselves and collect money with every calorie burnt. Quests, e.g. running a specific route, create variation. Moreover, it is possible to comparae yourself with colleagues in a corporate ranking.

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3. Step: The active one decides!

After a run in the city or a bike tour through the forest: Back home a project can be selected, that profits from one‘s own performance. The activity and the related donation can be shared over social networks like Facebook or Snapchat. Thereby, the employee communicates her own performance as well as the social commitment of her employer.

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(Screenshot: iOS AIDLETICS App)

runtastic©, STRAVA©, Apple Health©? Nevermind!

We understand that active people want to continue tracking with the App they are used to. That‘s why we integrated an interface to STRAVA, runtastic and Apple Health. Whichever you use: One click suffices to import the data to AIDLETICS and donate.

As an active person, I love using my wearable tracker and analysing my performance later on STRAVA. I highly appreciate that AIDLETICS allows me to import my activity. I never experienced any problems with the import and the subsequent donation.

@AlexD, Munich

Corporate section: Quick and easily to the next challenge

In the corporate section on our website, employees can track how their employees use AIDLETICS. In this area new projects can rapidly be created and published within few minutes in the app.

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As a corporate health manager I can see the actual status of an AIDLETICS challenge in real time at my computer. When doing sports I use my smartphone.

@SteffanB, Frankfurt

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